Monopoly on Facebook: More movers, traps and (maybe) competition coming soon

monopoly millionaires on facebook interview

Monopoly Millionaires landed on Facebook last week, and I got a chance to chat with game producer Adam Gutterman about the challenges of bringing a board game to Facebook and managed to get a few hints at what's next for this new game.

On the challenges:

"Board games are competitive; there's no more than a few players and there's a beginning, middle and end. We had the opposite challenge of bringing Monopoly to Facebook. We spent many hours working on this before we struck a balance with getting rich, and rolling and having fun with your friends. We did this by taking away siloed play, competition and having an ending. Rather than waiting on friends, you get to roll and roll as much as you want to."

On what's coming next:

monopoly moverGutterman says people have really taken a liking to the movers, traps and prizes in the game, and they're planning on adding more to the game. The movers, are, of course, the little pieces that you use to move around the board. In this case, you can buy new movers and each of them have special powers. The dog mover ensures that you'll get property cards, for example. Traps can be set up on your board, forcing people to pay more money or move two spaces, etc. and prizes are items that are placed at random on different players boards, like a set of property cards or Monopoly gold. If you land on a space with a prize, lucky you will take away some sweet loot. So, expect more of all that sometime down the line.

One of my biggest gripes about Monopoly Millionaires is that there's no way to win, like you can when you play the board game. Admittedly most Facebook games are not really about 'winning,' BUT Gutterman hinted that some more competitive elements might find their way into the game sooner than later. Let's just hope they copy the Bejeweled Blitz, Zuma Blitz model, with regular tournaments and leaderboards that are refreshed every week. Nothing gets my competitive spirit going more than seeing my Facebook pals beat my score in Zuma Blitz.
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