Home Maintenance for the First-Time Buyer

home maintenance man shoveling snow
home maintenance man shoveling snow

First-time buyer Anna Daugherty learned the hard way that home maintenance is a new owner's responsibility. "One thing we completely forgot about was actually very simple. We forgot to get a shovel," says the Lansing, MI, resident. "This weekend, we had seven inches of snow fall in a short amount of time, burying us in snow--and no shovel!"

While going from being a renter to a first-time buyer is a transformative experience, it also brings a whole new set of home maintenance responsibilities. With no more 1-800-Landlord number to call when things go wrong or need repair, you're now fully in charge of maintaining this most important asset.

Just as the joys of home ownership appear in ways large and small, so do home maintenance needs and expenses. Here are tips to help first-time buyers stay on top of home maintenance tasks.