FrontierVille Kissing Tree Goals: Everything you need to know


As we told you earlier, the Kissing Tree is a new construction project in FrontierVille that will see you building a kissing tree, and then choosing how to play out the current love triangle between Hank, Bess, and Fanny Wildcat on your homestead. Before you can get to the romance between your chosen couple, however, you'll need to complete a series of three goals - titled simply the Kissing Tree Goals - in order to get to that point in the first place.

The first goal, "Let the Good Vibes Grow," has you building your Kissing Tree and helping a few neighbors out with their crops (this is a time when Victory Gardens will come in mighty handy).

Place the Kissing Tree
Clear Two Thorns
Unwither Ten Neighbor Crops

For all of the details about the new Kissing Tree (which is available to purchase from the store), check out our complete guide. For crops, you'll simply need to head to your neighbors' homestead and unwither any 10 crops you find, regardless of type. Doing this will reward you with 100 XP. You'll be able to share a free Unwither Crops Boost with your friends.

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