FrontierVille: Beans energy item released as free gift


If you've grown tired of eating the same old meals in FrontierVille, then why not head over to the game's free gifts page and take a look at the new energy item that has been released just today? The new meal is a pot of Beans, which can be sent to your friends in the same way as any other free gift. When your friend uses the item from their inventory, they will gain 7 points of energy. While the Breakfast food item used to offer 7 points of energy as well, it has now been changed to offer 10 points, so the Beans take its place in the line.

As of this writing, the Beans can't be purchased from the store, so the only way you can get ahold of these are by receiving them as a free gift. There's no telling whether or not these Beans will only be available for a limited time, so ask your friends to help you stock up now if you'd like to have some on-hand for the long haul.

What do you think of this new energy item? Would you rather Zynga release items worth more energy points? Let us know in the comments.