Dumbest Job Scam Ever

job scam Convicted sex offender Gary Doyle Wood thought he could lure a female gas station employee into a motel room by telling her he was an Exxon manager and was considering her for a promotion. All she had to do was rent a room in a nearby motel so he could come and interview her there ... and give her a "medical exam."

The clerk was no fool. After receiving several phone calls from Wood at the Exxon station where she worked in Alexandria, Va., she was creeped out enough to report the calls to the local sheriff. Deputies then located the caller in the station's parking lot.

A background check revealed that he was a sex offender who had been convicted of rape and kidnapping. Deputies arrested 50-year-old Wood, of Anniston, Ala. He faces charges of Violation of the Community Notification Act, and may well be guilty of perpetrating the dumbest job scam ever!

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