CityVille: Send Lunar New Year free gifts to friends


If you're still in the mood to celebrate the Lunar / Chinese New Year in CityVille, don't forget to check out the game's free gifts page, as there are four new items available to send to your friends.

The first item is the Hanging Banners item, which would make the perfect decoration to run along streets, or to place beside any of the many Chinese businesses in your city. It offers a 1% bonus to any buildings you place it near. The other items are similar, and come in the form of three different statues, each dealing with either general Chinese culture, or the holiday itself. These three items are the Chinese Lion Statue, a Rabbit Statue (2011 is the year of the Rabbit), and a Terracotta Warrior statue, which alludes to the famous Terracotta Army.

There's no telling how long these items will be available to send to your friends, so make sure to send (and ask for) these items while you know you still can.

Have you received enough Terracotta Warriors to create your own in-game army? Let us know in the comments.