CityVille: More Valentine's Day Roses coming soon


If you played CityVille early this morning, you might have been one of the lucky players that were able to purchase some Valentine's Day Roses in the game. This Rose crop is an entirely new crop to the game, which grows instantly and never withers - great stats that come with a City Cash cost of 5 City Cash.

For that price, you would have gained 115 Goods for each square of the Valentine Roses that you planted. However, that's only if you could actually plant them in time. That's right - not even a day after releasing this new crop, Zynga has posted an alert on the top of the CityVille game page on Facebook stating that these Valentine's Day roses have "outgrown capacity." Could it be that these roses were so popular that they broke the game, or did they really plan to make them this limited from the start?

The answer to that remains to be seen, but we do have some good news if you missed out on these flowers this morning - a "new batch of roses will be grown shortly," says Zynga, so we should be able to take advantage of this deal yet. We'll make sure to update this space when these new roses arrive, so keep checking back.

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Did you have a chance to plant Valentine's Day roses before they were removed from the store? Let us know in the comments.

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