Cafe World Cupid's Helper Goals: Everything you need to know

If finishing eight Valentine's Day dinner goals in Cafe World isn't enough to put you in the mood for all things warm and fuzzy, Zynga has released yet another set of Valentine's Day themed goals in the game, so perhaps this one will do the trick. This latest set has just three parts, and is called the "Cupid's Helper" goal series. You'll unlock access to this trio of new missions after completing the eighth step in the previously released set (the full guide to those can be found right here).

If you thought that you were done collecting roses in Cafe World, I have some bad news for you, as immediately in this quest set, you're forced to gather more of them.

Earn 100,000 coins
Get 25 Roses
Serve 10 Oyster Shooters

Unfortunately, you do have to actually serve the Oyster Shooters for them to count, but luckily, this one hour dish can be cooked and then forgotten pretty quickly. The roses, again, can be gathered by asking your friends to send them to you via individual gift requests. Finishing this mission will reward you with 1000 Cafe Points and 10,000 coins, so I suppose it probably is worth doing, even if only for the boost of Cafe Points you'll receive.

Part II of III looks mostly similar to the first, requiring you to earn coins and collect more roses, but you'll be serving a different dish this time around.

Earn 200,000 coins
Get 35 Roses
Serve Creme Brulee 10 times

Creme Brulee is another of the new Valentine's Day recipes in the game, and it takes 20 hours to cook, which will slow your progress with this one quite a bit - even more so when combining this with the time it will take you to earn all of those coins.

Finally, Part III (the final part of this goal series) has you - you guessed it - earning more coins and collecting more roses, but you don't have to cook a specific dish for the third task. Rather, you must complete the entirety of the Valentine's Dinner catering order.

Earn 300,000 coins
Get 45 Roses
Complete the Valentine's Dinner Catering Order

This is a pretty hefty order, requiring you to cook all three of the new Valentine's Day recipes in fairly large quantities, all within five days' time for the three star rating. If you'd like the best chance of finishing this catering order with a high score, make sure to jump in with your friends when they start this mission for themselves - if you're unfamiliar with them, teamwork is the name of the game when it comes to Catering Orders. You can check out the complete details to this order in our guide.

As of this writing, this is where the Cupid's Helper goals end in Cafe World. If more Valentine's Day quests are added to the game in the future, you can be sure that we'll make you the first to know, so keep checking back.

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What do you think of this new series of goals? Are these any more difficult than the other goals released this month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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