10 Wacky Romantic Hotel Rooms

Wacky Romantic Hotel Rooms

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Everyone has their own idea of what makes a hotel room romantic. Maybe it's a great ocean view and a private plunge pool. Or maybe it's...a Champagne flute tub and a round bed covered in red velvet? Read on for some wacky romantic hotel rooms across the country.

1. The Loop Inn Motel, Avenel, New Jersey
If all you've ever dreamed of was spending a romantic evening with your loved one in a room with a heart-shaped hot tub, a heart-shaped bed, and a mirrored ceiling, then you've got to check out The Loop Inn Motel in Avenel, New Jersey. Light yourself a fire in the fireplace and you've got the makings of an extravagant getaway.

2. Inn of the Dove, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hit up the honeymoon suite at Harrisburg's Inn of the Dove (there are also locations in Cherry Hill and Egg Harbor, New Jersey, and Bensalem, Pennsylvania) and enjoy the round king-sized bed raised on a platform and accented with red lace canopy. If you're looking for something a little more, ahem, wild, book the room with the gigantic photo of the cheetahs hanging above the bed and the black lace dangling from the ceiling.

3. Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, The Poconos
When a heart-shaped hot tub wasn't enough, Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts in The Poconos offers a seven-foot Champagne glass whirlpool. Is there anything more fabulous? And when the hot tub wears you out, head over to the round bed and gaze up at the celestial ceiling. It's a lover's haven, for sure.

Wacky Romantic Hotel rooms

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

4. The Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California
Can't you just feel the love in the Old Fashion Honeymoon room at The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California? If the antique lace and white wooden arches aren't enough to get you excited, then the claw-foot bathtub might help settle you in.

5. The Anniversary Inn, Salt Lake City, Utah
Come ye' lovers of old romance, to the themed Great Love Stories rooms at The Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah. Grab your loved one and head over to the Carriage Suite for an experience unlike any other. When they say they want you to be completely surrounded in "love," they really mean it. With two-person jetted tubs, mural scenes on the walls, and even an actual carriage bed, you will definitely feel like you're part of your own special great love story in this room.

6. The Hollywood Motor Inn, East Farmingdale, New York
Nothing says lovin' like ceiling mirrors, mood lights, black vinyl padded walls, and a stripper pole on a stage. Well, maybe not so much. But at the Hollywood Motor Inn's Exotic Dancer Room, you can have all that and more, if it just so happens to be your cup of tea. Now all you need are the exotic dancer lessons to go with it.

7. Chateau Avalon, Kansas City, Kansas
Is there anything more exciting than forbidden love? Chateau Avalon is banking on the fact that there isn't, and that their Camelot Suite will make you feel like you and your special someone are like Queen Guinevere and King Arthur. Picture a knight standing guard at the castle gate, a drawbridge, a four-post wrought iron bed, a 180-degree castle turret and flaming torches. If Medieval times really light your fire, this is definitely the hotel for you.

8. Pelican Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida
If your idea of a romance includes bordello decor, this is the hotel for you. Room 215, dubbed the Best Whorehouse, at the Pelican Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, lets you pretend you're in a brothel, even if you're actually nowhere near one (well, it is Miami, we can't really vouch for that). Think plush heart-shaped chairs, red walls, and fringed lamps. Nothing wrong with that style of decorating at all.

9. Feather Nest Inn, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
The romance suites at New Jersey's Feather Nest Inn are all fabulously lavish. However, if we had our say, the Manhattan suite is where the real party is. Check out the round black and red velvet bed with mirrored ceiling. You'll feel closer to each other the instant you enter the room.

10. Heartbreak Hotel, Memphis, Tennessee
When you book an Elvis-themed suite at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, you can choose between the Burning Love Suite (surrounded by lots of red), the Graceland Suite (including a 'jungle room' den), or the Gold & Platinum Suite (complete with retro decor and other themes inspired by Elvis' recording achievements). But whatever you pick, follow the King's advice: "A little less conversation, a little more action, please."

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