Why Sexy Girls Sell

sexy sales girls News flash: Single men buy more expensive items from sexy sales girls. OK, that's not exactly an earth-shattering revelation, but you might find the reasons for it, as revealed in a recent study, to be rather interesting.

It works something like this: A man sees a good-looking woman and wants to be noticed and valued by said woman. He knows most women value financially successful men. Therefore our shopper in question, starts looking at luxury items he would not otherwise consider, in order to impress the attractive sales woman. Hopefully (from the business owner's perspective ) the man gets hooked on the expensive item and buys it.

Yes, it sounds absurdly simplistic, sexist and unfair (especially if you're a woman who doesn't believe she should have to sex up her wardrobe in order to get a good sales job). But just because it's unappealing doesn't mean it's not true.

The study points out that "Exposure to sexy women or images thereof increases men's temporal impatience for money, heightens their self-reported financial aspirations and ambition, and even interferes with their cognitive functioning." And it cites the research to prove it.

The study, called Can buy me love: Mate attraction goals lead to perceptual readiness for status products, had 133 male subjects between the ages of 17 and 32 look at pictures of products after talking to either a conservatively dressed woman, or one who was, shall we say, tarted up.

They were then asked to rate these products. The vast majority of the men preferred the objects (anything from cars to pens), pitched by the sexy woman.

"The mere presence of a sexy woman in a sales context may suffice to increase sales of high-ticket items, particularly for single men," concludes the study, which also noted that men in a committed relationship exhibit a diminished attention to attractive alternative mates.

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