When Royal Guards Attack [video]

The Royal Guard Attacks

Screencapture from video by tobydobson

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is set for April 29, 2011 in London. The big day will draw a worldwide audience and many Americans are already making travel arrangements to attend this epic event.

One of the biggest tourist draws when you arrive in London is The Guard. The Queen's Guard mounts at Buckingham Palace and is split into two locations within London. What most people know about The Guard is their unflinching dedication and focus to their duty. Tourists constantly try to get a laugh, a chuckle, even a smirk out of The Guard but to no avail.

This unlucky tourist got a not so friendly shove in the back when he decided to try and incite some emotion from one guard. Unfortuantely for The Guard, it was all caught on video for the World Wide Web to see.

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