Study Says 6 in 10 Employers Want Health Care Bill Repealed

Health Care Bill It's obvious that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is one of the more controversial laws ever passed by Congress, with everyone and their dog weighing in. Most recently, there's info on the attitudes and concerns employers expressed about the law in "Health Care Reform 360," a new national study by Market Strategies International, which found that the majority of employers are not all that excited about the legislation.

"Sixty-two percent of employers included in our study hope Health Care Reform is repealed, with 29 percent strongly in favor of repeal," said Susan McIntyre, senior vice president in the company's Health Care Division. "And 72 percent disagree that it will reduce their company's health care cost burden. This is independent of firm size and whether or not employee health benefits are currently offered."

Findings also show:

  • 63 percent of employers disagree that health care reform will make their business more competitive from a cost-of-doing-business standpoint
  • 63 percent also disagree that it will make their company more competitive in attracting and retaining employees

"However, seven in 10 believe some parts of health care reform should stay in place and 58 percent believe reform was long overdue," said McIntyre. "This suggests that while most employers do not support the law as it is currently written, there is support for some aspects of the law."

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