Snakes on the Plain: Infested Home Still Seeks Buyer

snakes infested
snakes infested

We heard of the homes infested with bedbugs, ghostly apparitions, as well as those overrun with mold. But one home for sale in Idaho is said to have thousands of slithering snakes living sandwiched between the walls and the siding, making noises in the soffits, and resting in the crawl space. The infestation is so bad -- as if we need to say more -- that two previous homeowners walked away, leaving the bank left to deal with the scaly reptiles.

But, hey, if you like snakes, whether as a pet, as a belt, or as a hearty springtime bowl of snake soup, the five-bedroom, one-bath home can be yours at a deep discount. Chase Bank, which owns the Salem, Idaho, home after the last owners, Amber and Ben Sessions, defaulted, is asking $109,200, about $66,000 less than it is estimated to be worth sans snakes.

Yes, the home is actually for sale -- with full disclosure. But don't go looking for the listing on the MLS. The bank yanked it, presumably after the home-turned-snake-den was getting too much publicity after a local news broadcast caught the eye of Animal Planet, which in January told the family's story on the show, Infested.

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