Lunchtime Poll: Is being a CityVille freeloader the way to go?

Energy in the thousands
Energy in the thousands

How much Energy have you stocked up in CityVille? The CityVille forums are buzzing at the moment with an interesting debate over a controversial play style. Forum goer "unscathed" writes, "Why should you need energy if friends can do everything for you? I'm now at 1625 and i have 500+ in my inventory. Just wait for a few neighbors, then stop harvesting, collecting money and building, they will do it for you!"

A recent update allows friends to help one another complete quests and gain profits through visits with no Energy cost. Couple that with +3 Energy batteries being thrown around for free like they're potato chips and you get players like this. When you think about it, if everyone played this way Energy would never be an issue again. (Though, it would definitely be a way not to be a good neighbor.) But could we live with ourselves unabashedly exploiting the game? Later in the thread another the same user boasts 3,136 Energy using the same tactic. So, now we ask you:

Is being a CityVille freeloader the way to go?Market Research
[Image Credit: unscathed]