How would you change CityVille Franchises?

cityville franchises what would you change
cityville franchises what would you change

Congratulations. You're the owner of several hot new franchises in CityVille. Whether it's a series of video game stores or a seafood restaurant chain, franchising was set to be one of the hottest new features in Zynga's new city-building game on Facebook. Turned out to be an interesting idea, though more than a few players have expressed frustration with how the whole thing works (or doesn't work, as the case may be). So, I ask you, how would you change CityVille franchises? Would you require players to allow more franchises in their cities? Let players to delete franchises at will? Let mayors put as many franchises as they want in their cities, no matter what the population size? Make sure franchises are less buggy? So, franchise owners, get vocal in the comments below -- it's your right, ya know.

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