FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: A Characters Guide

Some would say that FrontierVille was and still isZynga's great experiment. It was the first time the company brought in a traditional game designer to work on a project, and among several new features the primary result was characters. Seasoned gamers know them simply as NPCs, or non-player characters, meaning they are characters in the game world controlled by the game itself. Normally, their main focus is to provide flavor and life to a game world, but characters in FrontierVille has a two-fold purpose: provide that life and flavor in addition to guide the player along in Goals or give these Goals purpose. Here's a rundown of nearly every important character to grace the homestead.

Frontier Jack
Frontier Jack:
How could we start this guide any other way? He's the first fellow you meet in the game. Generally, this bearded pioneer guides you through your first tasks in FrontierVille and comes back every once in a while when a new feature crops up. However, he has become more involved in the game's storyline as time has passed. In fact, his own niece has arrived in the game, but more on that later. More importantly, he's your first neighbor. (He also has a thing for inundating you with pop ups.)

Humble Bob
Humble Bob:
Now, this one is a strange character. While Bob does offer a few quests like the recent New Years Resolution Goals, he's also the game's resident salesman. It's Humble Bob that attempts to sell you Horseshoes incessantly at 20, 30 and 40 percent discounts. Bob likes to get in on the fun too, as many of you saw after completing the New Years Party Goals.

Ms Fanny Wildcat
Miss Fanny Wildcat:
Likely the toughest-looking teacher you've ever seen, Fanny Wildcat runs the Schoolhouse and all of its Goals. There are several Goals in preparation for her arrival and thereafter. However, there seems to be love triangle rising between Hank, Bess and herself. Perhaps this year's Valentine's Day Goals will see the result of that.

This simple-minded guy runs the General Store after a few Goals are completed to hire him. After that, Hank was nothing more than a source for terrible jokes. But now that Bess has come around, he's decided it's time to get his life in order. This leads to an arduous makeover series of Goals that leaves Hank looking like a new (and creepy) man. More importantly, Hank was the first interactive NPC--clicking his avatar on homestead allowed him to tell jokes. Too bad his jokes didn't get a makeover.

A recent addition to FrontierVille, Bess is Frontier Jack's niece from the East. Arriving on the homestead after dumping her boyfriend, Bess asks if she can crash at your place ... indefinitely. After a series of Goals solidifies her position as "the help," Bess becomes another interactive NPC. Much like your visiting Neighbors, Bess can help out every once in a while without effecting your Energy reserves.

This foreign fellow is the newest character to hit the frontier. Jacques appears as part of the Trading Post Goals, and once they're complete decides to run the business himself. A world explorer and expert trapper and trader, Jacques will accept your defunct Holiday items and the like for coins. He's yet to be involved in the story too heavily, but we can wait.

[Source: FrontierVille Wiki]

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