FarmVille Valentine Animals: Red Heart Chicken, Pink Gypsy Horse and Foal

Attention all chicken and horse lovers! If you're looking for a new chicken or horse to add to your collections in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that tonight's FarmVille update brought with it one of each, both of which fit into the current Valentine's Day limited edition item theme.

The first animal is the Red Heart Chicken, and while some users are reporting that you can receive this animal at random from Golden Mystery Eggs, if you'd like a guarantee at adding this little fella to your farm, you'll be able to purchase it from the store for 14 Farm Cash. It can be harvested once per day and you'll receive 64 coins when doing so.

As for the Pink Gypsy Horse, you can purchase one for 26 Farm Cash. This horse can be added to your horse stable, or you can harvest from it individually once every three days for 140 coins each time. If you do choose to place it in your Horse Stable, you'll have a chance of breeding Pink Gypsy Foals. Remember, if you'd like to have one of these new foals on your land, simply keep an eye out on your news feed for someone else who has bred one and is sharing it.

Both of these animals will be available in the game for the next two weeks. Will that mark the finale of the Valentine's Day theme in FarmVille? Only time will tell, but we'll make sure to let you know if and when Zynga releases more items in the theme.

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Which of these animals is your favorite, or will you purchase them both? Let us know in the comments.