FarmVille Sneak Peek: Unreleased Willow Hearts Tree


Tonight's big FarmVille update has brought of slew of new unreleased items that we have the exclusive information on to share with you. As you can see, the image on the right is the Willow Hearts Tree, an obvious Valentine's Day addition to the game.

While animated, this tree 'sheds' hearts which slowly float to the ground. Otherwise, it is similar in art style to the Willow Tree that has already been in the game. FarmVille appears to be taking the purple color very seriously throughout this holiday. Despite being purple, we do not believe the Willow Hearts Tree is a reward in the 12-day Valentine's Countdown.

As usual, we do not know for sure if this tree will make it into the game for sure, but we have a pretty good idea that it will. The Willow Hearts tree could be a new reward from the Mystery Seedlings, or it might be something else entirely. Time will tell!

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