FarmVille Sneak Peek: Unreleased Red Gypsy Horse and Foal

FarmVille Red Gypsy Horse and Foal
FarmVille Red Gypsy Horse and Foal

In addition to the Grey Prz Horse and Foal that snuck out of their pasture earlier, we have also spotted this beautiful Red Gypsy Horse and Red Gypsy Foal in FarmVille this evening. This horse is identical in shape and model as the winter Gypsy Horse that was released over the holiday, except it has a unique coloring that we haven't seen before.

It's possible due to the firey mane and tail that this Red Gypsy Horse will be a Valentine's Day horse that we will see in yet another Valentines themed release. It's not actually based on a real breed of horse - though there is a Gypsy Horse breed, it doesn't come close in color to this exotic combination of black and red. We think this neat looking horse and foal will look pretty stunning on a Valentine's themed farm though!

What do you think of the Red Gypsy Horse? Pretty, or a little too far-fetched?