FarmVille Lunar New Year Trees: Chinese Lantern & Money Tree

Earlier this evening, FarmVille users started reporting that they were receiving Chinese Lantern trees as Mystery Seedlings on their farms. If you haven't been so lucky, however, you can now purchase said Chinese Lantern Tree, and an accompanying Money Tree for your farm from the game's store.

Both of these trees are part of the Lunar New Year limited edition item theme, with the Chinese Lantern tree being available for 10 Farm Cash, and the Money Tree being available for 5 Farm Cash. When placing a Money Tree into your Orchard, you'll have the ability to spawn these Chinese Lantern trees, so feel free to skip purchasing the latter from the store, if you're confident in your luck at producing Mystery Seedlings.

Both of these trees will be available in the game for the next two weeks, and while that does give you plenty of time to do a bit of shopping, if you're like me, you'll want to purchase these trees as soon as possible, simply due to their cool appearance. What do you think?

Will you purchase either of these trees for your farm? Let us know in the comments.