FarmVille Lunar New Year Decorations: Magpie, Red Lantern, Beckoning Cat and more


While the Lunar / Chinese New Year may have already come and gone in the real world, that doesn't stop Zynga from continuing the celebration virtually in FarmVille. Tonight's FarmVille update saw the release of not only a new duo of trees in this theme, but also four new decorative items that can now be purchased from the store. Some of these items are re-releases, so make sure to dig through your Storage to make sure you don't already have these items in an effort not to duplicate.

One such re-released item is the Beckoning Cat, an animated item that sits on your farm and waves its paw up and down. Last year, you could purchase the cat for 2010 coins, and would gain 20 XP in the process. This year that's no different, but it seems to me that it would make much more sense with a price of 2011 coins, to correspond to the year. I guess we'll give Zynga the benefit of the doubt on this oversight however.

The other returning item is the Red Lantern. It too retains its pricing from last year - being available for just 700 coins, and rewarding you with just 7 experience points for purchasing.