FarmVille for Dummies arrives to reeducate virtual farmers everywhere

FarmVille for Dummies
FarmVille for Dummies

It's strange to think that FarmViille has been around this long without its own "Dummies" book. And leave it to our good friends (and contributors) Kyle Orland and Angela Morales to make it happen. Orland, a freelance journalist, and FarmVille Freak founder Morales teamed up to create the 288-page tutorial detailing everything from the basics of digital farming to mastering the in-game Market and troubleshooting gameplay issues.

The book, both published and distributed by Wiley, is available now from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine book sellers for $19.99. You may say to yourself, "But I already know what to do in FarmVille," but what about your friends and family who don't? Admit it, you're just bitter because you didn't think of it first. And better yet, Orland is working on CityVille for Dummies set to release in July of this year. Hey, at least there's still FrontierVille--wait, this just in: He's got that one too! Just kidding ... for now.

[Image Credit: Wiley]

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