Play social, casual games for cash in YooMee Games Arcade

Bubble Town on YooMee
Sure, you can play games like FrontierVille for Horseshoes, but how would you like to play for higher stakes? YooMee Games has launched its arcade platform of the same name where players can connect via Facebook and play adaptations of social and casual games for real cash money. Some of the launch games include established Facebook games like Bubble Town and classics like Pac Man and Frogger. All the while, the dollars just rack up, but there's a small catch.

By creating an account with Facebook Connect, you can immediately start playing games for cash through ongoing tournaments. However, you will have to make wagers to enter tournaments, which is where the prize money is drawn from. More players within a tournament means a higher cash pool, but it also means a higher chance of you losing to someone else. Wagers range from just $.50 to nearly $100, and the amount of potential gamers out there means those wagers could add up fast.

"More than fifty million people in the US are playing casual games online at least once a month, and they're spending more than $500 million per year on virtual goods and currencies," says YooMee Games CEO Prita Uppal. "YooMee is all about giving people a similar social gaming experience with the ability to win real-world cash and prizes."

Yoo Mee Games
But players don't earn cash or prizes directly. The arcade operates in a currency known simply as Gold, but it essentially represents American dollars. However, a player would have to turn in Tickets, another currency, for that cold hard cash. Tickets are earned through player wager games for Gold. Confused yet? I figured as much.

Basically, you will have to buy Gold with real cash via debit or credit before wagering it in tournaments. Then, winning high-stake tournaments will yield even more Gold and Tickets, which can be redeemed for cash and other prizes like digital cameras and iPod Touches. Sure, it all sounds like quite a gamble, but if you're the best Pac Man player you know it wouldn't hurt to give it a go.

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