Taco Bell Responds to Beef Scandal by Offering Free Taco Coupon

In the wake of Free Taco Bell taco couponTaco Bell's meat, or lack of meat, scandal, the fast food chain is giving away 10 million coupons for a free crunchy taco.

Not surprising, seeing how Taco Bell has tried to put a positive spin on the entire mess. In the New York Times and other publications, Taco Bell has run ads thanking the folks suing the company for bringing attention to its ingredients.The lawsuit claims Taco Bell's beef products are 35% beef, while the chain counters that they are at 88% beef.

Taco Bell will let you be the judge by offering a freebie through its Facebook page. The company says the free tacos are a thank you to its loyal customers.

After 10 million free taco coupons are printed, Taco Bell will update its Facebook page letting you know the giveaway is over. A coupon printed recently has an expiration date of Feb. 15, 2011. There is only one free taco per person and the coupons are valid at participating Taco Bell restaurants.
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