Pawn Stars: The Game on Facebook: Buy and flip your way to riches


Hit History Channel television series Pawn Stars has been transformed into a social experience, in the form of a Facebook game appropriately titled Pawn Stars: The Game. For those fans of the show, which follows the happenings of a family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas, you can now create your very own Pawn Shop, interact with the stars of the show, buy merchandise and then try to sell it for a profit.

All of the elements surrounding the television show seem to be here. Customers will enter the store in groups (limiting the length of any one play session, but more customers can be purchased for Facebook Credits), and each will have one item they'd like to sell.

Each customer has a particular price in mind for the product, and you'll be able to read some true-to-life facts about these items, including their date of creation, country of origin, expected rarity and so on, where applicable. If you've been watching the show since it launched on television in 2009, you'll likely recognize many of these items as those that have appeared on the show in the past - classic war memorabilia, sports rings, antique toys and electronics, and so on.

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