Overcoming Underearning: A Self-Help Guide

Overcoming Underearning
Overcoming Underearning

Underearners Anonymous

applies 12 steps for those addicted to paltry paychecks, preaching action and acceptance of a higher power. But if this isn't for you, what can you do to stop making less than you should? Nancy Ancowitz, a business communication coach and author of Self-Promotion for Introverts, has a few answers.

Ancowitz analyzed the primary symptons outlined by Underearners Anonymous, and offers tips for overcoming them.

The bottom line, she pointed out, is that you first must believe in your self-worth. "If you undervalue yourself, the outside world probably won't give you a higher bid," Ancowitz says. Carry around a laminated card of the attributes that make you "strong and special," she advises. Pull it out when you need affirmation.