Monster Story: New RPG meets Angry Birds

Monster Story
Monster Story

Monster Story is a brand new game launched today by Phoenix Age, the developers of one of the early RPGs to hit Facebook, Castle Age. Monster Story is a very interesting hybrid of many popular games. It brings in the treasure seeking aspect of a game like Treasure Isle, brings in a bit of Pokemon style pet battling, and uses the Angry Birds style mini-game for its combat. While it's still early and it's not perfect, this game has definite unique potential to be a standout hit for a more core type of gamer on Facebook.

Each player has their own avatar and can pick between a male or female. Each avatar starts with one pet that is used for battles. This pet can be upgraded and enhanced, and new pets can be found along the way. A player's avatar traverses across different game maps, taking quests from NPCs and digging/clearing through squares to find new weapons and armor, coins, and XP. Along the way there are monsters that stand in the way that need to be battled.