Apple's iPad 2 Will Be Faster, Smarter and Even Thinner

Apple will follow the old adage of "faster is better" for the iPad 2, offering speedier processing, more memory and a stronger graphics chip than the original iPad, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The new iPad iteration is also likely to be lighter, thinner and, as previously noted, come with front- and rear-facing cameras for video chatting, the report said.

While the iPad 2 may not take a cue from the iPhone in offering better screen resolution via Apple's Retina technology, it will follow in Apple's recent push for lighter and thinner devices. Apple designed its recently released update of the MacBook Air with the idea of making it more svelte, adopting some of the ideas from the iPad. Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple (AAPL) is looking to put the already-slender iPad on a diet as well.

The computermaker has reportedly started production on the iPad 2. Its launch is expected in the next couple of months, the article noted.

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