FrontierVille: Catch Groundhogs before they leave on February 14


Don't worry - before you panic, Zynga's announcement today wasn't concerning pet groundhogs that you've already captured on your frontier in FrontierVille - rather, it concerns your ability to catch more of them in the future. Since Groundhog Fred and Phil will released to celebrate Groundhog Day, they were released only as limited time creatures. While they will spawn and can be captured (at random) as normal until Valentine's Day - or February 14 - after that day, you'll no longer be able to catch a pet groundhog in your game.

As for Groundhogs you've already captured and tamed, you'll be able to keep those as pets even after that date. If you're looking to capture a whole herd of them, however, you'll need to plant lots of crops, and fast, along with setting out your armed Groundhog Traps (the more the better at this point) in order to catch the number that you want.

Remember, you can also share your trapped Groundhogs on your news feed if you choose not to keep them as pets. If you've not been lucky enough to capture Groundhogs of your own, why not keep a lookout to see if friends are sharing any extras that they've come across?

How many Groundhogs have you captured and kept as pets? Let us know in the comments.