Earn 100 Free FrontierVille Horseshoes for buying from Pro Flowers

Flowers are crazy!
The Valentine's Day fever has caught up with FrontierVille now too? Is anyone safe? No, not really. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, because when you buy from Pro Flowers for that special lady through FrontierVille's Sponsored Link you'll earn a sweet 100 Horseshoes.

Just click on the banner ad beneath your game screen and then the big ol' green button to be redirected to Pro Flowers' website. From there, just order whatever you darn well please (but be generous, she deserves it) and allow about 30 minutes for the Horseshoes to post to your account. Now, how does it feel making both yourself and your loved one happy in a single purchase? Actually, that sounded kind of selfish--you better grab them some chocolates too.

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Have you taken advantage of this offer yet? What do you plan to do for that lucky loved one this Valentine's Day? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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