FarmVille Update 02/08/11: Pink Stallion Foal, Cinnamon Heart Tree fixed, other bug fixes


While we didn't technically see the release of any new items with tonight's FarmVille update, Zynga did update the game with a few bug fixes, which were definitely needed and appreciated.

First, if you had purchased a Cinnamon Heart tree from the market, you might have been surprised to find it in your inbox, and not on your farm where you left it. Your surprise would have grown when, after replacing the tree on your farm, it popped, again, back into your Gift Box. This was one of the issues addressed with tonight's update, so if you have a Cinnamon Heart tree in your inventory, feel free to place it back on your farm, with little fear of it disappearing again.

Second, when the Pink Stallion was first released, and users started placing it into their Horse Stable, they were quick to notice that instead of a Pink Stallion Foal, the Pink Stallions were actually breeding Black Stallion Foals. This too has been fixed, with the Pink Stallion Foal now making an appearance in the game.

Other bug fixes include those dealing with the disappearance of requests for Greenhouse seed experimentation from the Zynga Messaging Center (where you accept your game requests), one causing Greenhouse crops to show "double" text in the market, and one that corrected an issue with users trying to share their free seeds after creating a hybrid. There are other Greenhouse issues still to be found in the game, like one that causes an out of sync error when trying to plant Greenhouse-created seeds with a vehicle, but Zynga assures us they are working on that as well.

We'll be sure to let you know when the game is updated again (next time hopefully with new items), so keep checking back.

Did you experience any of the bugs mentioned above? What other Greenhouse issues have you been experiencing? Let us know in the comments.