FarmVille Orchards producing Watering Cans; the drought has ended


Thirst no more, my lovely Mystery Seedlings. Orchards are finally producing Watering Cans in FarmVille, according to FarmVille Freak. As you might remember, there was a slight drought in the game after Zynga removed the ability for Snowmen to create Watering Cans in preparation for this very change. The company briefly reversed the change to Snowmen to hold us over, but now that will no longer be necessary. From here on out, harvesting Orchards will now have a chance of dropping either a Mystery Seedling or a Watering Can. You will also have the opportunity to share Watering Cans with friends once they drop. Rejoice, my friends, for the FarmVille drought has ended.

Update: FarmVille Freak reports that Zynga has also reduced the Watering Can requirement for Mystery Seedlings from 10 to eight. This should alleviate the effects of the drought even further. If only USDA was this magical...

[Image Credit: Call of the Land]

Have you seen your Orchards drop Watering Cans yet? What are your thoughts on this shift from Snowmen to Orchards producing Watering Cans? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.