FarmVille 28 x 28 Farm Estate expansion now available for coins


Back in November, FarmVille released the 28 x 28 Farm Estate expansion. In a peculiar move, it was released at the price of 120 Farm Cash but stated "TBD" by the coins value. This indicated that somewhere down the line it would be available for coins. Many of us forgot about this because it has has been months since the release. Today, FarmVille has released the coin pricing so that those of you who don't want to spend Farm Cash can still expand your farm.

The biggest complaint thus far is that you can't just pay 4 million coins to unlock this expansion. You also have to add 10 more neighbors. It doesn't matter how many neighbors you currently have (I have 136) it will still require you to get 10 more neighbors. This is a pretty big barrier at this stage in the game for those who are uncomfortable with adding strangers as friends on Facebook.

The price is a hefty 4,000,000 coins, so unless you've been scrimping and saving and not spending all of your coins on the adorable Valentine's Day items you might not have enough for this. I know I certainly don't. It's easier to save up 4 million coins for some than it is to spend real money though,so for some this might be a great addition.

Did you already buy the Farm Estate expansion for 120 Farm Cash or have you been waiting for coins? How do you feel about the neighbor requirement?

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