CityVille Valentine's Day mini-game + prizes: Everything you need to know

cityville valentines day

In honor of the day of love, CityVille on Facebook has rolled out a new Valentine's Day mini-game, where you create custom virtual cards and send them to friends. Of course, what good is sending cards if you don't get any in return. You'll also collect as many custom V-day cards from your fellow CityVille players, which will give you access to a slew of V-day themed prizes -- all of which, IMHO, are pretty freakin' adorable.

cityville valentine

To get started spreading the love around, click on the red heart that's on the right hand side of the game screen. The number in the middle heart shows how many admirers you have (in my case, that's 26) -- more about this soon.

valentines day make card tab

After you click on the heart you will open a pop-up window with three tabs -- Make Card, Your Admirers and Prizes.

The first tab that says 'Make Card' is the card creator, and you will be able to custom create a V-day greeting which you can send to your friends. You have the option of changing the text message at the top, the two characters on the card and the gift in the middle. Once you've come up with your favorite combo, hit 'Send Valentine.'

cityville send valentine friends list

The friend selector will appear and you can choose the lucky few who will receive your V-day card.

On the 'Your Admirers' tab, you'll see a list of friends who have sent you V-day wishes. Note that you can have several pages of admirers, so you might have to use the left and right arrows to scroll through them all.

cityville valentines day admirers
From this screen, you can view each of the customized cards by clicking on an admirer's picture. I found this one rather amusing. If you want to be polite, you can hit the 'Share Thanks' button and post a message on your admirer's Facebook Wall that says, well, thanks!

cityville admirers card

The last tab in the CityVille Valentine's minigame is Prizes. Basically, the more admirers you collect as well as the variety of cards you receive, the more Valentine's Day themed prizes you will be able to call your own. If you don't want to wait until you have all of the admirers/cards you need, you can also buy each item using City Cash. You are also able to ask friends for help with you collection by posting a message to your Facebook wall. Note: Each prize can only be collected once AND you need to be at least level 5 to collect them.

cityville valentine prizes

Below is a list of the prizes and what you need to snag 'em all:

Cupid Statue: 1 Admirer
Photo Booth: 5 Admirers
Cupid Fountani: 15 Admirers
TK: 30 Admirers
Bed & Breakfast: 50 Admirers

cityville valentine day prizes

As I mentioned before, you can also get prizes based on the types of virtual cards you receive from friends. There are six types of Valentine's Day cards and you can tell which one belong to which category by the icon that appears at the bottom right of the card. The card in the image below is a 'Tough Love' card, denoted by the crab icon. Tough, indeed! Icons for the other cards (as well as the prizes for each card) are listed below.

citville vday card

Pink Heart Topiary: Return to Sender card
Pink Cupid Topiary: Tough Love card
Red Cupid Topiary: Love Hurts card:
Red Heart Topiary: Feather Friends card:
Yellow Heart Topiary: Food Fight card
Yellow Cupid Topiary: Secret Admirer card
Spa Business: Collect Them All
cityville valentines day admirers

cityville valentines day prizes

JUST ADDED! If you are wondering how to create a certain type of card, take look at the six images below.

cityville valentine day card types

And, that's it for the CityVille Valentine's Day mini-game!

We need your help! We're missing a few names of the prizes above. If you know what they are, please leave 'em in the comments below.

Check out the rest of our Valentine's Day 2011 coverage right here.

And, if you have any tips on how to get all of the prizes fast or are looking for some new admirers, leave a note in the comments below. Add comment.
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