CityVille: More neighbors can now visit your city at once, plus other game updates


If you're someone that relies on your CityVille neighbors to harvest or fertilize your crops, send tourists to your businesses, or collect rent from your citizens because you never seem to have enough energy to complete these tasks yourself, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has increased the limit of friends that can appear in your town from 10 to 15. This means that the next time you login to check on your city, if your neighbors have been busy, you'll now see up to 15 different friends' profile pictures hovering above your properties, rather than just 10.

In other CityVille update news, Zynga has lowered the requirements for many of the games quests, requiring less collectibles for quests like the "Hungry Firemen" quest that had you collecting breakfast-themed items, for instance. Additionally, City Cash options have been added to many quests for those that would rather purchase complete tasks than actually complete them, and the City Cash requirement for previously released goals has been decreased in many instances. These seem like great changes all around.

Finally, collectibles required for quests have had their drop rates increased. This means that those items that are specifically required for certain quests will be found more frequently when collecting from the appropriate business or home, or harvesting crops.

All of these improvements seem to be for the better. Now, if we can only get that land expansion bridge we were promised, that would be even better.

What do you think of these changes? Would you pay City Cash to complete a goal, or do you like working through steps the old-fashioned way? Let us know in the comments.