CityVille Cheats and Tips: A Characters Guide

Zynga first introduced characters to its games with FrontierVille. Now, the game features a sprawling storyline in which characters interact with each other and you're the mediator of sorts. Naturally, the developer took the positive reception of characters on the frontier and applied that to its biggest hit yet, CityVille. The game features quite a lot of characters, most of which have become to center of your Goals in the game. Some guide your way to the coveted mayor's office every step of the way while others simply ask for favors every now and then, so this guide is to inform you of the who's who in the city.
CityVille Sam
The first person you'll ever meet in CityVille. Also known as CityVille Sam, this illustrious woman will teach you the basics of city building and provide you with your first Goals in the game. She's also your first neighbor in the game--just like Frontier Jack in FrontierVille. Visiting her sprawling (and infinitely better) city daily is basically free rewards, so be sure to take advantage! Not to mention her city is also the first you'll expand into with a Franchise. (Trivia: She's also the woman sitting on the ledge as the game loads.)

Conductor Charlie
Conductor Charlie:
As you might have already guessed, Charlie runs the trains in CityVille. He's the guy who will ship or send out for Goods and is ready for an order either in or our at all times of the day. (Guy doesn't catch a break, really.) He's also who guides you through the initial Railroad Goals and even has his own route to CharlieVille that produces a high amount of Goods in a short amount of time, but for a large amount of money. Use this route when you're in a pinch for Goods.

Chef Andrea
Chef Andre:
This star chef serves as the guide to create your first Business. He will guide you along the first Goals surrounding the creation and management of your Businesses. Not much is seen of him after creating the Bakery and Restaurant, but we're sure he'll be back soon enough.

Farmer Rita
Farmer Rita:
Rita lives right in your own city inside the Country Home. It's her job to make sure you're on top of your crops and that you know how to plant, harvest and use them effectively. She's also involved in the Lost Bunny Goal and a few others. Remember to collect her rent daily as she seems to drop Collection items more frequently than other properties.

Governor Phil
Governor Phil:
Another guide character, Governor Phil officiates your expansion and future election to the mayor's office. He's the fellow who guides you along the way to expanding your city boundaries, growing your population and planting a city flag. Other than that, old Phil hasn't seen much action yet in CityVille.

This is the guy to go to if you want to talk business. In fact, he's the man who spurs you along to launch new Businesses like the Toy Store and Burger Joint as well as create a Franchise HQ. From there, he's here to teach players how to effectively manage and supply Franchises from the HQ. Oh, and he also makes you build him a Chateau for letting some of that business savvy rub off on you.

The city's resident lumberjack is also a guide for several Goals including teaching you how to remove trees from your city and building him a comfy Country Home to raise his family in. (Were all these people homeless before they met you?) However, he also serves a more interesting role: He's the guy who cuts down your trees every time you select the Remove option and then click on a series of trees.

Presumably an aspiring teacher, Louise guides along in a few Goals that all surround either education or extra-curriculars. She''s the lady to answer to when building the School and also oversees the building of the Playground and a Goal known as "School Safety."

Captain Rusty
Captain Rusty:
Of course, this guy appears after you complete the Seaport in your city. He guide you along the process of sending out ships to deliver Goods internationally through a series of Goals starting with "Captain's Trip." Other than that, he just mans the helm.

Coach Jack
Coach Jack:
This guy runs your city's baseball team and is involved in the Goals that lead you along building the Baseball Field Community Building. Because the Baseball Field is one of the more difficult to complete in the game, you won't see Coach Jack until much later in the game.

Firefighter Sue
Firefighter Sue:
If you hadn't already guessed, Sue is involved with creating the Firehouse Community and also appears much later in the game. After purchasing the Firehouse, you'll be tasked with a series of Goals involving feeding her crew of firemen and other preparations.

Dr. Sheperd
Dr. Sheperd:
This handsome (and rich) fellow appears after purchasing and building the Hospital. Again, this is another Community Building that isn't available until much later. He'll give you a series of Goals pertaining to running the joint and also has a little on crush on that teacher Louise.

Finally, this simply name gentleman is a friend of Rita's. He'll appear once you receive a Goal from Rita to build the guy a Corner Store to run. Other than this, Sid seems to mind his own business in the Corner Store, but we hope he comes around more often in the future.

[Source & Image Credits: CityVille Wiki and CityVille Game]

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