Zynga updates FarmVille Message Center, finally syncs with Requests

FarmVille Message Center
Alright, say it with me: "Hooray for non-redundant FarmVille Game Requests!" Now that we've let that out of our system, FarmVille Freak reports that Zynga has updated it useful-yet-flawed Zynga Message Center (ZMC) for FarmVille players. Finally, accepting requests from the ZMC will cause the relevant Game Requests to disappear from the Requests page on Facebook. According to Zynga community manager Lexilicious, it also works in reverse, updating the Message Center when Requests are accepted from the ZMC.

Lexilicious' offical statement on the forums reads:
FarmVille has made it easier than ever to accept your gifts through ZMC! Now, when you accept a gift in ZMC, it will remove the gift from your Facebook Requests Page. Alternatively, if you accept a gift from your Facebook Requests Page, it will not appear in ZMC. This change should make accepting gifts less confusing and ultimately much easier for all of our players.

Happy Farming!
Hopefully, this means that this update is coming to Zynga's other popular games like FrontierVille and CityVille sooner rather than later.

Have you seen the change to the Zynga Message Center in your game yet? Do you think Facebook should continue to handle Game Requests with internal apps like the ZMC? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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