Zuma Blitz Valentine's Day Board filled with hearts and sweet gap shots

Zuma Blitz Valentine's
Not to mention it can be extremely confusing. PopCap has released a Valentine's Day-themed game board to Zuma Blitz this week. Of course, it's shaped like a heart, but the developer did someone interesting with this heartfelt level that makes for some interesting gameplay. Aside from your favorite frog resting on a heart-shaped rock, the board features two tracks, but only a single skull mouth. This is because the paths intersect at the top of the board through, again, a heart-adorned tiki log.

As your session progresses (and gets crazier) there will be plenty of opportunities for Gap Shots and even Double Gap Shots, if you're willing to risk them. It can get pretty confusing if you're focus on where the balls are headed. I'm no expert, but I'd recommend just ignoring their general path of the balls and simply search for big point opportunities. The rest should fall into place.

Zuma Blitz Heart Board
As for powers, I've always been a big fan of the Bombs, especially on boards with overlapping tracks. The Last Hurrah is a good filler power as always, but Inferno Frog and Chrono Balls are also good go-to powers. The Cannon Ball could easily increase your chances of Gap Shots as well. Regardless of the powers you choose, this is one of Zuma's more inventive boards and is just asking to be mastered.

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