Zip Above Alligators at Florida Adventure Course

A tourist attraction in St. Augustine is going above and beyond the thrill of simply seeing reptiles in their natural habitat, offering visitors the chance to partake in an aerial obstacle and zip-line course hoisted above alligators and other species.

Adventurous visitors to the Alligator Farm Zoological Park can take on over 50 challenges that give a birds-eye-view of the alligators and other species below, including spaces that were previously off limits to guests.

"It's like an obstacle course in the sky," General Manager John Brueggen tells AOL Travel News.

"There are seven zips in the course, but the rest of it is all different ways to get from one tree to another. You might be on a tipe rope, or cargo netting, or a loose series of boards," he continues.

Dubbed "Crocodile Crossing," the adventure course is the first of its kind in the state of Florida.

"As far as we know, nobody has done it like this," says Brueggen. The Alligator Farm features every species of alligator and crocodile in the world, which visitors will get to spy from the sky.

Visitors will partake in a quick safety course before climbing up the 12- to 50-foot platforms, and will wear a safety harness that is tethered to safety lines as they traverse the course.

"Everyone has a zoo," Glen Hastings, executive director of the Tourist Development Council of St. Johns County tells the St. Augustine Record newspaper. "The San Diego Zoo is nice and the zoo in Berlin is nice, but aside from the weather, are they really different? This is a new experience. This give people something to talk about."

The Alligator Farm plans to open Crocodile Crossing during the first or second week of March. "We got the permit to build this week, so it's just a matter of construction time," reports Brueggen.

Photo, Alligator Farm Zoological Park.
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