UPS Won't Pay My Claim: Help Me, WalletPop!

ups claim jean chatzky
ups claim jean chatzky

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Q. I paid UPS for an insurance policy to cover any damages en route for a shipment I sent. UPS dropped or somehow damaged it in shipping so badly that they destroyed the contents. UPS (actually the insurance company they contract with) has since refused to pay out on this insurance policy claim for $1,000 and they keep changing their reason for doing so. They did this to us once before when we had a similar problem a few years ago and had to go through several steps in order to get compensated for our loss at that time. This time it seems that they are taking a harder line and are finding any excuse they can to ignore this issue and not pay for the damage that they caused. If it has happened to me I'm sure that UPS is doing this to others. Please help me out with this situation.
Roger M. Grubb