The Advantages of Furnished Rentals

furnished rentalsLoni Maynard moved to a small Ohio town after college. "I got a job on a local paper," she explains. "I found myself looking mostly at furnished rentals, since generally they were attached to the homes of the landlords in one way or another."

Renting a furnished home might seem like a very old world prospect, however, it is actually a lot more forward thinking than most people realize. There are some great advantages to renting a furnished apartment. Here are a few of them:

1. You Don't Have to Take It With You

"When I moved abroad, obviously it would have been tough to bring my furniture with me," says Sid Broadbank, who moved to Argentina for five years after college. "I was thrilled that it's common practice to rent out furnished apartments in Buenos Aires."

When you move inconveniently far from your last residence, whether you leave the country or just traverse it, the best thing about renting a place that comes with a couch and a bed is not having to move your couch and bed.

2. You Are Doing Your Part to Save the Planet

When the landlord of your furnished rental decided not to throw away the perfectly comfortable mattress and perfectly useable dining room table, that green choice he or she made now passes to, you, their renter. Meanwhile, you don't have to run out and repurchase those items, adding waste to waste. It really does pay it forward.

3. You Can Make It You

One of the most offputting ideas about renting a furnished apartment is the idea that someone thinks that you and your landlord's recently deceased grandmother could, in any universe, have the same taste in La-Z-Boys. How can you sit in that dusty pink armchair and maintain any form of self-respect, no matter how comfortably that bad boy reclines?

But don't let that stop you. Creatively placed sheets and covers can transform any household item from "theirs" to "yours" instantly. So don't let a hand-me-down floral print sofa cramp your style - or stop you from renting.

4. It Saves Time, Energyand Your Stuff

Everyone hates moving. But when you break down the three worst things about it, it generally comes down to stuff -- where it is, how to arrange it and what has been destroyed. When you rent out a furnished space, you run into fewer "stuff-related" catastrophes.

"I have never moved and not had at least two things I love arrive in pieces," says Broadbank, "except when I moved into my furnished apartment. That time, nothing broke -- because hardly anything moved!"

5. Decorating Is for Suckers

Even though you are pretty sure you would never choose the blond wood kitchen table you have suddenly acquired, you are also pretty sure you have no idea what you would have chosen. Suddenly, the prospect of picking out a $15 table cloth that goes with the "interesting" 1970s wall hangings feels a lot easier than starting from scratch.

However, when you do choose a furnished space, it's probably not a bad idea to choose one with an extra hallway closet where you can store those wall hangings; and if you have to, that dusty pink La-Z-Boy.

"At first I was really opposed [to a furnished rental] but my favorite space in my price range turned out to be furnished," says Maynard. "Over time I think it was a good move. I couldn't have afforded any nice furniture at that point anyway so I would have ended up throwing it all out."

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