Pennies Add Up for the Unemployed

pennies A penny by itself might seem practically worthless today, but add 999,999,999 others to it, and it could make a real difference, according to a Washington state man who is attempting to collect $1 million in pennies to benefit those in financial emergency situations.

Rand O'Donnell, a former pastor, said he has already collected $4,000. When you think about it, you probably have hundreds of them lying around. Why not scoop them up, take them to a change counting machine at your local supermarket, and send in the proceeds to Mr. O'Donnell, who is collecting the pennies to benefit the Skagit County Community Action Agency's Critical Needs Program, which assists those in financial emergencies by providing food, transportation, clothing and other needs.

A couple hundred pennies might not mean much to you, but added together with others, they could make all the difference to someone who is between jobs and trying to keep a life together. O'Donnell said the plan is to raise $1 million -- 100 million pennies -- and deposit them in the North Coast Credit Union. He said only the interest, about $20,000 per year, would be used.

You can send contributions to O'Donnell's project via the Skagit Valley (Wash.) Herald, at:

1215 Anderson Road
P.O. Box 578
Mount Vernon, WA 98274

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