New FrontierVille Mystery Animal Crate contains kissing animals for Valentine's Day

If you're into Valentine's Day, or just enjoy cute animals in general, be sure to check out FrontierVille new Valentine's Day themed Mystery Animal Crate, full of kissing animals (yes, I said kissing - now can I get an "awwwwww?").

This time around, there are three pairs of kissing animals available to win from each Mystery Animal Crate, with each crate being available to purchase from the store for 45 Horseshoes. For each crate you purchase, you'll have a chance of scoring either Kissing Swans, Kissing Rabbits, or Kissing Sheep.

The Kissing Animal Mystery Crate will only be available int the game's store for the next 20 days. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that you won't receive duplicates, however, so keep that in mind before going in to purchase a second crate.

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Will you purchase a Kissing Animal Mystery Animal Crate? Which of these animal pairs are you hoping to win? Let us know in the comments.