Managers Are Overrated, According to Study

job interview The importance of managers and their ability to enhance production is vastly overrated, according to a professor of psychology at Lund University. He advises businesses to stop wasting money on expensive training courses for managers, and send the entire team instead.

"This produces better results," says Professor Johan Bertlett, after conducting an extensive study on the topic. "A good working climate is not only a requirement for job satisfaction. It is also an important success factor for a profit-driven company." He adds that "the manager is only able to influence the working climate to a limited extent. Instead, it is the interaction between the manager and the staff that is crucial."

"Of course you need a good manager if the interaction between the manager and the staff is to work," Bertlett explains. "But it is important to understand that the manager's situation is also influenced by the staff. Simply focusing on the manager means turning a blind eye to the contributions of the staff, and in doing so you exclude a lot of the potential that exists within the company."

The best working climate is found at companies where the manager and the staff interact and where the manager creates good conditions for the staff to manage themselves and each other.

"A good manager should train his or her staff and encourage informal leadership by delegating to those who are willing to take greater responsibility," says Bertlett.

So bookmark this article, and think about sending it anonymously to your corporate head next time you hear that your manager is heading out to an exotic training session. A less lavish affair, conducted closer to home, might be much better for the company in the long run.

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