Happy Copy Day!

Happy Copy Day Tuesday, Feb. 8, is a very important day in the working world. It's the birthday of a man named Chester Carlson, who, in 1937, developed a method of making dry copies of documents on plain paper, known at the time as xerography. That's right -- Chester Carlson invented the copier as we know it today, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Every time you step up to a photocopier today, you can say a silent thank you to Mr. Carlson who made it possible to simply lay your document down, press a button on a copying machine, and get however many copies you need. Before Carlson's invention, copies were made either by using carbon paper when typing -- or a mimeograph machine for large numbers of copies. Both were messy and often resulted in blue fingers.

Carlson's invention changed the way business operates all over the world. The first commercial copiers became available in 1950. Now, making copiers is a more than $2 billion a year business in the United States. That cheering you hear down the street at noon today is from the folks at Xerox.

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