FrontierVille Hearts and Flowers Missions: Everything you need to know

With Valentine's Day now only days away, it only makes sense for Zynga to truly start celebrating the season in FrontierVille by releasing a new mission series. Appropriately enough, Zynga has now released a five-part "Hearts and Flowers" goal set, which will automatically be added to your account (that is, you don't have to purchase it from the store), but can only be finished for a limited time - until February 28, according to our research.

Since these missions are limited, let's not waste any time in completing them, shall we? The first step of this mission series is called "A Romantic Rendezvous" and it will ask you to complete three, fairly simple, tasks.

Plant 30 White Roses
Have or Craft Two Presents
Harvest 25 Peach Trees on your Homestead

As you can see, these three steps likely won't take you very long. White Roses can be harvested after 10 hours, and Peach Trees are ready to harvest from every three hours. Meanwhile, Presents can be crafted inside the General Store for 2 Ribbon and 5 Cloth each. Your rewards for finishing this first step of five are 25 XP and 1 White Rose Collectible (from the White Rose Collection).

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of this love-filled mission series.

Part II of V asks you to collect quite a few items, so I hope you have some active neighbors on your account.

Buy the Old Time Camera
Visit 10 Neighbors
Collect 10 Handkerchiefs

As of this writing, you'll be able to receive Handkerchiefs by posting a general request to your news feed, asking your friends to send them to you. Also, it's presumable that the Old Time Camera can simply be placed from storage (where applicable) to make this part of the quest pop, so it's worth a shot doing this first to save some coins. Otherwise, you'll need to spend 1200 coins and 10 Wood to purchase one from the store. Your rewards for this part of the goal series are 50 XP and 30 food.

Part III of V might take some users a bit of time to complete, depending on whether or not you are the type of person to hold onto your coins, or sell them.

Clear 20 Wildflowers on your Neighbors' homesteads
Harvest 30 Pink Roses
Collect 10,000 coins

Unfortunately, the 10,000 coins will be taken from you at the completion of this quest, but you will make a bit of profit from harvesting those 30 Pink Roses (which take 14 hours to grow), so at least you don't be losing exactly 10,000 coins out of pocket. Finishing Part III will reward you with a new decorative item in the game called the Heart Tree, along with 25 XP.

Part IV of V is a bit of a hodgepodge of tasks, but luckily, none of them seem overly complicated, so long as you have a few friends to call on for help.

Collect 10 Valentine Cards
Tend 30 Geese
Collect 15 Ink

The Valentine Cards can be received via a wall post asking your friends for help, while it appears that you'll be able to send individual gift requests to friends for the Ink. Geese, meanwhile, can be fed once every 30 minutes - 3 hours, depending on the animal's age on your Homestead (that is, the younger the Goose, the more often it can be fed, and vice versa). Your final rewards before the finale of this mission series are 1 Hope Chest and 50 XP. The Hope Chest is a part of the Family Collection.

For your final part of this goal series, Part V of V will require you to plant the final kind of roses in the game, the Red Rose.

Harvest 50 Red Roses
Buy 1 Dinner
Have / Craft 2 Fancy Clothing

Red Roses are currently available to grow in the market, and take 1 Day and 12 Hours to grow. Dinners can be purchased for 320 Food, and finally, Fancy Clothing can be crafted inside the General Store using 2 Ribbon and 2 Clothes each. Clothes themselves are also a crafting item, available to create in the Cabin for 500 coins and 6 Cloth each. Finishing this final step in the Valentine's Day mission set will reward you with 100 XP and a Heart-Shaped Garden, another exclusive decoration that is new to the game.

And there you have it - a relatively simple mission set (all things considered - especially when compared to the newest Land Expansion goals), that rewards you with some truly lovely items for completing them. Remember, you only have a limited time to finish these missions, so start soon to ensure you'll have enough time!

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What do you think of this newest mission set? Are you going to jump right into completing these limited time missions, or are you still trying to expand your land first? Let us know in the comments.

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