FrontierVille Hearts and Flowers Missions: Everything you need to know


With Valentine's Day now only days away, it only makes sense for Zynga to truly start celebrating the season in FrontierVille by releasing a new mission series. Appropriately enough, Zynga has now released a five-part "Hearts and Flowers" goal set, which will automatically be added to your account (that is, you don't have to purchase it from the store), but can only be finished for a limited time - until February 28, according to our research.

Since these missions are limited, let's not waste any time in completing them, shall we? The first step of this mission series is called "A Romantic Rendezvous" and it will ask you to complete three, fairly simple, tasks.

Plant 30 White Roses
Have or Craft Two Presents
Harvest 25 Peach Trees on your Homestead

As you can see, these three steps likely won't take you very long. White Roses can be harvested after 10 hours, and Peach Trees are ready to harvest from every three hours. Meanwhile, Presents can be crafted inside the General Store for 2 Ribbon and 5 Cloth each. Your rewards for finishing this first step of five are 25 XP and 1 White Rose Collectible (from the White Rose Collection).

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of this love-filled mission series.