Chipotle Fires Hundreds of Workers Amid Immigration Probe

Chipotle fires hundreds of workers
Chipotle fires hundreds of workers

Chipotle (CMG), the chain restaurant serving Mexican food, fired hundreds of workers in Minnesota after receiving notice from Immigration and Customs Enforcement that they had "suspect documents."

The ICE began its probe of Chipotle in Minnesota, where the company employs about 1,200 workers, The Wall Street Journal reported. The probe has since spread to Chipotle restaurants in Virginia and Washington, DC.

"We have compiled and provided all requested documents to ICE and are waiting to hear back from them," Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said.

Illegal workers usually present a fake social security number of somebody else's identity to secure work.

Chipotle, whose slogan is "Food With Integrity" is one of the most prominent companies to be targeted for worksite enforcement by the Obama administration. It employs a total of 25,000 workers.