Carmen Sandiego on Facebook: Promote this gem to comissioner

Carmen Sandiego City Screen
Carmen Sandiego City Screen

Remember bringing an encyclopedia to school on computer class day just to increase your chances at bringing Carmen Sandiego to justice? Alright, maybe I was the only kid who was that devoted, but Oregon Trail creator Blue Fang and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's The Learning Company understand. Both based in Massachusetts, the two companies joined forces to bring the international detective series into the social age of gaming. Players assume the role of an international detective, following clues across the globe with the help of their friends and eventually locking up suspects. They will increase in level and gain promotions with friend recommendations, which will open more cases and ultimately lead to hunting down the elusive Carmen Sandiego.

"When we approached [Carmen Sandiego], we wanted to make the best Carmen Sandiego experience period," says Blue Fang studio director Eduardo Baraf. "It wasn't about necessarily about building it to the definitions of the Facebook platform." And after a detailed preview with Laura Rapalski, the game's producer, it's hard to not feel at least optimistic.