Cafe World Renovations Goals: Everything you need to know

If you've managed to complete the Valentine's Day goals in Cafe World, and are looking for something else to sink your proverbial teeth into in the game, why not try your hand at one of the three new Renovations goals in the game? These missions all have to do with "free" items, as you'll be able to complete them to earn some free decorations that can otherwise only be purchased with Cafe Cash.

The first goal in this series is called Free Renovations," and it will require you to do a bit of cooking, and a bit of item collecting in order to complete it.

Serve 7 Eggs Benedict
Serve 7 Bacon and Eggs
Ask for 5 Ladders

As usual, click on the "Ask" button to send individual requests to your friends that you think will send you the five ladders. While you're waiting on them to arrive, you can start cooking the required dishes. Eggs Benedict can be cooked for 300 coins, and is ready in 6 hours, while Bacon and Eggs can be cooked for 1,000 coins, and takes 9 hours to cook. Your reward for finishing this first of three quests is a Stainless Wall Oven, which is normally only available to purchase in the store for 10 Cafe Cash.

Note: If you can't see this quest on your account, due to having too many quests active in your game at once, simply serve one of the two dishes and the black progress window will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Click on this, and you'll see the quest window, where you can ask for the Ladders.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of this quest line.

Part II is called "Free Matching Set," and it asks you to serve more dishes, along with asking for more items.

Serve 7 Fish n Chips
Ask for 7 Lunchboxes
Ask for 7 Coolers

Fish n Chips can be cooked for 1,650 coins, and is ready to serve in just 2 hours. Hopefully, in that time, you'll be able to send out some individua requests to friends, asking them to send you the 14 collectible items needed to move on. Two rewards await you for finishing this quest - a Stainless Steel Cabinet, and Stainless Steel Sink, which are normally available to purchase for 10 Cafe Cash each.

Finally, part III of this mission set is called "Free Steel Counter," and it works in basically the same way as the previous two quests - that is, you'll need to do both some cooking, and some item collecting in order to earn your final free item.

Serve 35 Ginger Plum Pork Chops
Ask for 9 Bibs
Ask for 9 Serving Bowls

Ginger Plum Pork Chops are available to cook for 2,200 coins. They take a full day to cook, but remember, you can always speed this up by using spices. After collecting your final 18 items from friends (via individual gift requests), you'll receive your final free prize - a Stainless Steel Counter, that works as other counters, allowing you to serve food. Without this mission, you would have had to pay 30 Cafe Cash to add one of these to your cafe.

Some things to note: Unfortunately, all of these dishes must be cooked and served - simply cooking them and throwing them away (as in other recent quests) will not count. Additionally, each time you complete one of these three quests, your free item will immediately pop into your inventory. Either head into the Decorative of Functional portion of the in-game store, and you'll see a x1 next to each of these free items. Simply drag that item into your cafe, and you won't be charged the Cafe Cash price.

And there you have it - by recent standards, a fairly simple mission trio to complete. This appears to be a permanent addition to the game, so take your time finishing the Valentine's Day quests before tackling these, to make sure you have time to complete everything before it expires. We'll be sure to let you know if other opportunities for free Cafe Cash items arise, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these three "free" missions? Will you add the Stainless Steel decorations to your cafe after unlocking them? Let us know in the comments.
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