WWE Fantasy Warfare advergame on Facebook is oddly entertaining

WWE Fantasy Warfare
I know, it's almost tough to read, but somehow THQ managed to create a mildly fun advergame. WWE Fantasy Warfare was created solely to generate buzz over the upcoming WWE All Stars video game, which releases for all major consoles March 29. But this amusing advergame lets you pit today's greatest wrestlers like John Cena against legends such as Hulk Hogan. After watching a brief video where each combatant gets to talk about how awesome their muscles they are, it's up to you to decide who would come out victorious.
After that, both players will enter the ring in pre-rendered graphics akin to what you'd imagine them to look like on a console. As the fight continues, you'll be given the choice to choose who gets to perform a special move regardless of whom you voted for. (If you didn't go with Mr. Hulkmania, shame on you.) After the fight ends, special "Loot" will unlock for you like wallpapers, ringtones and discounts off WWE merchandise.

All in all, it simply felt exciting to watch Hulk Hogan beat down on John Cena with his signature moves I remember from my childhood. While this is certainly not a game, it's entertaining nonetheless. There are five fantasy videos and matches in total, all of which we expect to have as much energy as the first. But they will only unlock with more fans involved, so it's up to you to spread the news via News Feed posts if you want to see the other four match-ups. Not to mention some hilarious glimpses of 80s wrestling outfits (hint: not much has changed).

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